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High-Tech Borders and Corruption (Doktorarbeit)

High-Tech Borders and Corruption

The Role of Technology in the Fight against Corruption at National Borders

POLITICA – Schriftenreihe zur politischen Wissenschaft

Hamburg 2019, ISBN 978-3-339-10720-6 (Print), ISBN 978-3-339-10721-3 (eBook)

Eine empirische Analyse über den Einsatz von Technologie zur Korruptionsbekämpfung im Bereich der Grenzkontrolle.

Während die negativen Folgen der Korruption für Staat, Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft gut erforscht sind, hat die Korruption im Grenzmanagement bisher [...]

Automated border control, Automatisierte Grenzkontrolle, Border guards, Corruption, Cross-border crime, Exekutive, Grenzkontrolle, Grenzpolizei, Grenzüberschreitende Kriminalität, Integrität, Integrity, Korruption, Law enforcement, Migration, Nationale Sicherheit, National security, Organised crime, Organisierte Kriminalität, Politics, Politikwissenschaft; Border management, Technologie, Technology, Transparency, Transparenz


Comparative Experiences of NGO Regulatory Frameworks (Doktorarbeit)

Comparative Experiences of NGO Regulatory Frameworks

Eastern and Southern Africa

Verfassungsrecht in Forschung und Praxis

Hamburg 2017, ISBN 978-3-8300-9548-4 (Print/eBook)

The growth of NGOs in sub-Saharan countries beginning in the 1990s, can be attributed to the ’new wave of democracy’ that led to the rebirth of associational life thus creating new spaces for people to organise. Hitherto many countries amended their constitutions to allow for political [...]

Accountability, Constitutional Law, Democracy, Governance, Human Rights, NGOs, Regulation, Sub-Saharan Africa, Transparency


Decisions under Imperfect Information (Doktorarbeit)

Decisions under Imperfect Information

The Ordering of Information Structures and Production under Endogenous Uncertainty

Schriftenreihe volkswirtschaftliche Forschungsergebnisse

Hamburg 2010, ISBN 978-3-8300-4888-6 (Print/eBook)

Almost all economic activity takes place under uncertainty. The randomness may, for instance, relate to risky stock market returns, fluctuating exchange rates or uncertain product innovations. The major source of uncertainty in decision making is the limited and imperfect knowledge of the [...]

Blackwell, Classification Criterion, Endogenes Risiko, Endogenous Risk, Entscheidung unter Unsicherheit, Faktorpreisunsicherheit, Information Content, Informationsgehalt, Informationsökonomik, Informationsstruktur, Informationssystem, Information Structure, Internationaler Handel, Ordnungskriterium, Produktion unter Unsicherheit, Trade, Transparency, Transparenz, Uncertain Factor Prices, Uncertainty, Unsicherheit, Value of Information, Volkswirtschaftslehre, Wert von Information, Wirtschaftstheorie


Transparency in the Banking Sector (Doktorarbeit)

Transparency in the Banking Sector

A Microeconomic Analysis of Informational Aspects in the Credit Market

Schriftenreihe volkswirtschaftliche Forschungsergebnisse

Hamburg 2008, ISBN 978-3-8300-3926-6 (Print/eBook)

The growing complexity and dynamics of financial systems as well as the increasing risk of market failures calls for a higher level of transparency on global markets, especially in the banking sector, to foster a solid and smoothly functioning financial system. Primarily regulatory [...]

Adverse Selektion, Basel II, Blackwell, Finanzwirtschaft, IMF, Informationsökonomik, Informationssysteme, International Monetary Fund, Kreditrationierung, Lehmann, SEC, Securities and Exchange Commission, Transparency, Volkswirtschaftslehre, VWL


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