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Law and Security (Sammelband)

Law and Security


Schriften zu Mittel- und Osteuropa in der Europäischen Integration

Hamburg 2017, ISBN 978-3-8300-9799-0 (Print/eBook)

The book contains articles about various problems related to law but considered from the point of view of safety. These two elements have become a common ground for discussion on the functioning of state institutions whose job is to either protect public order and safety, or reduce crime. Furthermore, the book deals with the phenomena of [...]

Jugendschutz, Police Law, Polizeirecht, Präventivmaßnahme, Preventive Measures, Protection of Minors, Rechtswissenschaft, Security Law, Security Management, Sicherheitsmanagement, Sicherheitsrecht, Sozialwissenschaft, Staatssicherheit, State Security


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