Doktorarbeit: Patent Management in Knowledge-Intensive Firms

Patent Management in Knowledge-Intensive Firms

Theoretical Concept and Empirical Analyses

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Strategisches Management, Band 179

Hamburg 2015, 198 Seiten
ISBN 978-3-8300-8567-6

Electronic, Innovation Management, Intellectual Property, Knowledge-Intensive Firms, Patent, Strategic Management, Strategy, Telecommunication

Zum Inhalt

In light of a growing interest in patent management in research, policy, and practice, this study offers scholars a detailed definition and categorization of patent management at the process level. Utilizing rich qualitative and quantitative empirical data, the author analyzes how professional patent management activities influence innovation and licensing performance under specific internal and external conditions. Moreover, he identifies important strategic and organizational determinants of patent management and analyzes their influence on patent management proficiency.

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