Dissertation: Anwendung der Wissensbilanz im Kontext hybrider Leistungsbündel

Anwendung der Wissensbilanz im Kontext hybrider Leistungsbündel

Strategisches Management, Band 170

Hamburg 2014, 224 Seiten
ISBN 978-3-8300-8130-2 (Print & eBook)

Ganzheitliche Problemlösungen, Hybride Leistungsbündel, Industrielle Produkt-Service-Systeme, Intellectual Capital Statement, Intellektuelles Kapital, Maschinen- und Anlagenbau, Wissensbilanz, Wissensmanagement

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Comprehensive solutions, which are characterized by extensive services, are distinctive for saturated markets and markets with high competitive pressure. Here, the creating of competitive edge by innovative solutions is critical for success. Ever decreasing product lifecycles cause strong market dynamics. The generation of knowledge about a firm’s knowledge and competences, respectively, turns into a challenge. This knowledge should help firms to make better use of their potentials. An instrument that serves to deal with the challenge mentioned above is the intellectual capital statement (ICS). The ICS aims at systematic assessment, illustration and development of an organization’s intellectual capital (human resources, structural resources, relation-al resources). The application of the ICS is illustrated by using the concept of industrial product service systems (IPSS) as an application field. In the broad sense, an IPSS is a combination of products and services; in the strict sense, the outcome of a systematic configuration of integratively developed industrial product and service modules, thus an industrial solution. The necessity of innovative concepts like IPSS results, in Germany, from the strong competitive pressure in the German machinery and plant engineering industry. Traditional manufacturer tend to provide product ac-companying services which serve to fulfil the potential of complex technical plants. In this context, the concept of IPSS provides a systematic approach whose implementation requires profound changes with regard to a firm’s organization and structure. The contribution of an ICS relates to the formation of a traditional industrial company’s development towards an IPSS provider.

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