Forschungsarbeit: Ach du liebe Zeit

Ach du liebe Zeit

Rastlos zwischen Lust und Last. Hintergründe – Ursachen – Auswege

Schriftenreihe Philosophische Praxis, Band 5

Hamburg 2014, 274 Seiten
ISBN 978-3-8300-8127-2


In der Sendung „Focus - Themen fürs Leben“ spricht Zeitforscher Dr. Franz J. Schweifer bei ORF Radio Vorarlberg über das Thema: „Zeit - die kostbarste Ressource des Menschen: Warum läuft uns die Zeit davon?“ ORF-Radiosendung „Focus“ vom 18.10.2014

Focus - Themen fürs Leben (Studioheft 56 ORF Radio Vorarlberg, auch als Download), 18.10.2014

Acceleration versus Deceleration, Mindfulness, Philosophy of Time, Rituals, Stress Management, The Art of Living, Time Deprivation – Origins and Exit Strategies, Time Management, Values, Work-Life-Balance

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Ach du liebe Zeit!” Who is not familiar with this popular lament - so frequently heard, thought and uttered, often with a sigh. And increasingly accompanied by an almost obsessive restlessness, oscillating between pleasure and pain: “No time!

While we feel almost irresistibly, magically attracted by a life on the fast lane with a full appointment calendar, ever more our driven, fast-paced contemporaries also experience a painful and frustrating sense of being caught in a time deprivation trap from which it seems impossible to escape.

To put it in a nutshell: The time-related contradictions and dilemmas are growing - as does the longing for “more time.”

Franz J. Schweifer, time researcher and philosopher (“temposopher”) examines the background and origins of the time dilemma and offers concrete exit strategies. He provides exercises and examples, aphorisms as well as unconventional, temposophic reflections. Practical. To the point. Critical. An extraordinary book on time.

Following two previous time research publications on top management level (2011, 2012), this book completes what is essentially a “time trilogy” – this time not focussing on a particular professional group, but devoted to “all of us who rush through time in search of lost time.”

About the author:

Dr. Franz J. Schweifer

Dr. Franz J. Schweifer, Coach, trainer, consultant, lecturer, time researcher & temposopher

Co-owner and managerial head of „Die ManagementOASE – Schweifer & Partner, Coaching.Training.Consulting.”, a consulting company in Mödling (near Vienna),

Deputy Chair of the “Verein zur Verzögerung der Zeit” (Society for the Deceleration of Time), Faculty of Interdisciplinary Studies, Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt,

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Die ManagementOase - Coaching.Training.Consulting.



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