Dissertation: Der europäische Verbrauchergerichtsstand

Der europäische Verbrauchergerichtsstand

Über das Ausrichten einer Tätigkeit auf einen Mitgliedstaat

Schriften zum Zivilprozessrecht, Band 46

Hamburg 2018, 300 Seiten
ISBN 978-3-339-10274-4

Ausrichtung, Ausrichtungsbeschränkung, Brüssel Ia, Disclaimer, e-commerce, EuGVVO, Europarecht, Geoblocking, Mitgliedstaat, Verbrauchergerichtsstand, Verbraucherrecht, Zivilprozessrecht, Zivilverfahren

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This thesis deals with the jurisdiction over consumer contracts in Brussels-I and Brussels-Ia Regulation. Special attention is paid to the interpretation of the term "to direct" in Article 17(1)(c) Brussels-Ia, which lays down the conditions on the jurisdiction over consumer contracts. The focus of this thesis lies on practicability and a pragmatic approach.

Besides, the thesis raises a number of issues regarding the European consumer jurisdiction. To this end, the thesis carries out a doctrinal analysis of Brussels-Ia Regulation and case studies focusing on CJEU’s judgments.

A more than 40 criteria comprehensive catalogue indicating a “directed activity” has been worked out. The problem of attribution, burden of proof and the demands on the time and the intensity of the direction of professional activity are also being discussed.

Another main chapter illustrates the issue of restrictions to the direction of a professional activity. As a result, technical limitations and possible disclaimers for effective restrictions to a direction on a website are being analysed. At the end of this book the consequences of a change of residence of the consumer to the jurisdiction over consumer contracts are laid down. The consequences of changes of residence are practically solved with case studies.


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