Fachbuchs: Wissenschaftlich schreiben auf Russisch

Wissenschaftlich schreiben auf Russisch

Как писать научные тексты по-русски. Справочник

Studien zur Slavistik, Band 45

Hamburg 2018, 382 Seiten
ISBN 978-3-339-10112-9 (Print), ISBN 978-3-339-10113-6 (eBook)

Formulierungshilfen, Muttersprachler, Russisch, Russistik, Slavistik, Slawistik, Textbausteine, Textproduktion, Themenwortschatz, Wissenschaft, Wissenschaftliche Publikation, Wissenschaftlicher Funktionalstil, wissenschaftliches Arbeiten

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Is Russian your mother tongue or have you been studying Russian at school and/or university? Have you ever been obliged to write a scientific text in that language, let alone to publish it? Consulting the usual dictionaries or normal course books hasn’t really furthered your linguistic skills in the field of academic writing? Don’t panic, help is on the way. The present book aims at supporting both German and Russian native speakers in conceiving, realizing and publishing scientific texts in various academic fields. It offers, for a wide range of communicative objectives, extensive compilations of words, collocations, text modules, and sample sentences. The material offered can easily be adapted to the reader’s specific needs. The large German and Russian indices help to find the words looked for. This book clearly focuses on language practice while remarks on the theory of academic work are reduced to the necessary basics. Still, it wants to familiarize the reader with the academic world in Germany as well as in Russia, providing him with the necessary knowledge and terminology in both languages.

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Universität Trier / FB II: Slavistik / apl. Prof. Dr. T. Bruns



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